Thanks to Christy…

I haven’t felt this excited since I was in 8th grade and I found out for the first time I could draw and I mean really draw. However, over the years, I have allowed fear to hamper me and other things to distract me. I won’t go into the whole boring history. Just know 8th grade was some 43 years ago.

I have picked up my pencil again and started drawing. Even so, I couldn’t seem to push myself into drawing faces. Every time I tried, I would fumble, drop my pencil and not pick it back up unless it was to draw a tangle or sketch a flower, something I am far more comfortable with.

Thanks to Christy Sobolewski’s YouTube videos on Art Geeks and her excellent instruction, yesterday, I was able to draw a face. Today, I was able to draw an even better eye, or set of eyes. I know I have a lot of improvement to go but at least she has given me the confidence to continue practicing.



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