I’m working on updating my website. Changes are needed. I never liked how it functioned from the time I created it which might be why I’ve been so absent.

I’m a perfectionist trying to learn how to be a non-perfectionist. Imperfections can be beautiful, endearing and creatively brilliant. This is why I do not throw away any completed art work even if I don’t like it. Looking back I will see how my journey has changed not just my skills but me as a person.

For instance, I’m working on creating art journal pages from Journal52 prompts. The below are from Week 6 Dream and Week 7 Dawn. I’m working in mixed media which is a challenge because it involves learning how all the different mediums respond to each other in all their various combinations. Sometimes you just go with it to see what happens.


Dream was made with watercolors, and water soluble crayons and a bit of acrylic paint, paint pens and gel pens.  I love how this one came out. The bright colors are beautiful and it is probably one of the best I’ve done so far of skin tones. This was all layered over a collage of text paper.


Dawn was done with acrylic paint, all except for the collage of text paper which was layered on first. I am fond of this one when I look at the actual painting. When I look at pictures taken of it, then I’m not fond of it. The picture shows a definite need for learning how to blend acrylics and also how to achieve a ‘glow’. For my first attempt, I think it isn’t bad.

I have been learning on my own about mixed media art which started with true intent about a year ago. I’ve been very selective about paying for e-courses that would give me the most high quality instruction and supplementing it with free video instruction from various artists.

In 2014, almost 3 years ago, I started just trying to awaken my inner artist by doodling, learning tangle patterns and putting them together to make designs. I started with things like this…


Which eventually moved into mandalas, like this…

Eventually adding color…

I have to admit that mandalas have become something I love to do and I go back to them again and again when I’m seeking inspiration.

I heard someone the other day, talking about taking a class and given the suggestion to use a reference photo. She said the problem with her using reference photos is it brings out the perfectionist in her. Using a photo and her perfectionist wants to recreate it in all its fine details, perfectly.

I get this.  Every time I use a reference photo, I feel the same desire come over me. The Dawn art journal spread was created from a reference photo. It will never be comparable to it in likeness and my perfectionist finds it very difficult to appreciate its roughness and imperfections.

Can you believe living like this in every day life? Do we chastise ourselves if we place our foot down imperfectly upon the ground as we walk to the corner store? Do we dislike our hair if we brush it back from our face and every strand isn’t perfectly placed?

The point is, what I want needs to be functional and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, I selected a different theme for the website. As I try it out, if it doesn’t serve me well then it may change again. It may morph over time, just as my art will definitely morph.

This is my place to talk about my creativity. What I love to do. I want to express my joy in what I create. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and share your own creativity.


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