Always finding something new to learn…

This might be a little difficult to see but I decided to write about this little piece I sketched. This came about after watching Flora Bowley’s session in Woman Unleashed Online Retreat. Her session is about shifting perspective. What you do is start creating marks on the page, then turn it 90 degrees, make some more marks, turn it again another 90 degrees, and just keep doing that until you feel you are done. Flora does this with paintings, and in the session she used different materials to make her marks, sometimes layering over part if not the entire piece obliterating some things entirely.

I chose to just use a mechanical pencil with blue lead. Her style is intuitive painting, therefore this process is about just putting down whatever comes to mind. No planning, just doing. The only thing I planned was to just use the one pencil, no paints, just pencil, just sketching.

I have seen some amazing drawings, some would call them zentangle inspired or just doodles, or fantasy gardens and so forth. I have tried to create my own but always had problems trying to organize it all on the page.

When using Flora’s intuitive technique, even though I was just sketching, I felt a sudden freedom from trying to place anything just right on the page. Turning the page 90 degrees gave me a different perspective and allowed me to place marks in places I normally would not place marks if I kept the page oriented in the same direction all the time.

Creative Revolution Shifting Perspective with Flora Bowley copy

I may decide later to go over it in ink, but for now it will stay as it is. I’m rather swamped right now with so many things happening which require my attention, many of them time sensitive, but all good.


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