My Imaginary Garden

I’ve been working on this page intermittently for a few weeks. Mostly not working on it due to other priorities taking precedence. Taking my time with this page has taught me a couple of things. The first is that I can still be creative as an artist no matter how busy my life becomes. The second is I don’t have to be proliferate in order to feel I am a productive artist.


splash of watercolor paint


a bit of white acrylic to create shapes


use of Elegant Writer and Tombow markers to enhance shapes




the finale, white highlights and splatters

Inspiration for this piece came from watching several of CeeCee’s videos on youtube. I love her work in watercolor. She makes it look so easy but getting the soft blending and colors isn’t so easy. I think though my personal style may lean more towards brighter colors.

I really enjoyed taking a blank page and adding random colors in watercolor and then seeing what I can create from it. It is a wonderful exercise for the imagination.

4 thoughts on “My Imaginary Garden

  1. Patti, I loved watching how this piece evolved. Beautiful. CeeCee is an inspiration for me, too, but I still haven’t braved water colors.

    I loved how you brought acrylics in to create some depth.




    • Barbara, thanks! I especially love using white acrylic over watercolor (wet and dry). It not only softens it but also blends it beautifully. May I suggest taking a piece of watercolor paper, spray it liberally with water and dip a wet brush into watercolor paint and then touch the wet watercolor paper with the brush. Just watch the paint flow. To me, that is just magical and I can never get enough of it. This is what got me started in watercolor and then watching CeeCee and a few others, like thefrugalcrafter and how they work with watercolor is helping me to find my own way to work with it. It can be daunting but at the same time it can be so satisfying especially when you learn to let go and just let things happen. ~Patti


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