Balance, a watercolor art journal page…

I never thought watercolor would be an art medium I would want to pursue. I’m in the year long course called Book of Days 2017. Effy Wild is the creator. For the most part, the lessons supplied are by Effy. This year she has decided to have a guest instructor, Sarah Trumpp. She has commissioned Sarah to give watercolor lessons which are spread out throughout the year. The end of March was the beginners water color lesson. Following Sarah’s instructions, I was able to produce the below art journal page, totally using Daler Rowney Simple Watercolours, with the exception of the stamping of the letters at the end.

Like all my artwork, there is always a point where I look at it and think it is a mess and will never come close to achieving the results I hoped to achieve when I started out. This of course is my inner critic pushing me to do better. As long as I don’t give up, I usually learn something, and if I’m lucky, I achieve even more than I had hoped.

This is the case with the watercolor art journal page. I absolutely love it. I love how vivid the rocks turned out against the soft background.

In everything I do, I don’t just stay tight to the instructions given. I generally venture off by adding in my own ingredients, whether it is artwork, or cooking, the outcomes can end up the same. Sometimes, well, it can end in a disaster. Most times, following my instincts pays off. This was no different.

In time, I know I will be able to produce my own piece of art, that is not inspired and achieved by an instructor led class. I have two drawings awaiting paint. My options for the mediums I can possibly use has just increased. I have yet to decide what I’ll use. That is the wonderful nature of mixed media. I don’t have to stick to just one medium. If I want to, I can mix several mediums in one piece of art.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I might choose.



balance wm copy