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UPDATE (7November2019):

I am way overdo for an update to my home page but I didn’t want to remove what I had originally written, so if you want to know my intentions for this site when I started it, read below.

As for my update, if anyone reads my earlier posts there is an obvious transition. When I first began this blog the intent was to write only about my art or rather what I do creatively. I say “creatively” because not everyone understands that everything we do in life is a piece of art and reflects something of ourselves. This blog though started out as my intentional creativity which could range anywhere from painting with a variety of mediums like watercolor or acrylic, to working with yarn, as in crocheting or knitting, to working with paper when I make my own journals, for writing and artwork and yes even writing and possibly some poetry. There was a a time when I made polymer clay beads and handmade jewelry and more. I even took a class on jewelry repair which I would have loved continuing to do if it wasn’t for the expense of equipment and space required. I even got into working with clay, slab and wheel, loving both equally. I am an artist/creator at my core.

Why am I mentioning all of this in my update? Well, this journey with my creativity took an unexpected turn when I faced some major life changing situations. These situations took me down a dark road emotionally which eventually had me turning back to my roots. I grew up in a Christian home but because of my experiences, growing up and as a young adult, I chose to take my own path. As I look back on it, this path was really one of seeking but I was in denial of this. These situations eventually started waking me up while at the same time putting me in such a dark place I wasn’t sure I would ever emerge from. With no more hope remaining, and all avenues exhausted, these events eventually brought me back to the core of what I learned as a child. Since art/creativity has always been a part of me, I leaned heavily upon it in hopes of recovery but it wasn’t enough. It only made sense to merge it with my return to my core beliefs.

Thus, this blog has turned into a creative and spirit filled place for me to tell my story. This is still my Art Studio and since God is the greatest creator and artist of all, it is impossible for me to separate my story as an artist and creator from my spiritual journey, so this blog has transitioned into my personal spiritual journey.

I owe all that I am to God. He made me and gave me these gifts. To deny Him would mean denying who He is in me and who I am.

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There will be changes coming soon, more content, more info in way of blog posts. All content on this site is the sole property of Purple Tulip Art Studio and its owner. That is me. Do not share, distribute or copy without express permission from Purple Tulip Art Studio or its owner.  I can be contacted through this site’s contact page or by emailing me directly at purpletulipartstudio@gmail.com .

Please visit as often as you like. If you see something you like, feel free to leave a comment. All comments are welcome as long as they are respectful.

The purpose of this site is to display my artwork. I’m open to selling so if you are interested in purchasing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If there is enough interest, I may open a web store.

Currently, this site is still under construction. Plans are being made for a gallery page. The blog will be utilized to provide information behind what I do, how I do it and possibly more.

Currently, I am working on border designs that can be printed onto stationary. At this time the only limitations I’m aware of, would be with the printer and the software used to print or resize the image. Along with those designs I have some bullet journal layouts.

Eventually, as I increase my portfolio of my personal art, I will display it here as well.

Come back often as I expect to have additions weekly if not more.

Thank you for visiting the Purple Tulip Art Studio.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hello.

Patti (owner of Purple Tulip Art Studio)