Goauche Paint…

I have been putting off this lesson in Life Book 2017. Whenever a new medium is introduced in a lesson, I tend to procrastinate in doing the lesson. This time was no different.

I have never used goauche paint until now. I can’t say I’m a fan of it, at least not yet. I thought watercolor would be difficult to work with but I think goauche surpasses it. At one point during my painting, I hated the goauche paint. That may change if I work with it more.

My first difficulty was in blending. It often left the paint looking patchy. I had to do layer after layer to try and get a somewhat passable blend.I used Daler Rowney Simply Goauche paint, and a couple of the paints when squeezed out of the tubes was a bit watery. I discovered I could shake them in the tubes which might have helped.

This is my water girl, painted with goauche paints. For my first time with goauche I think it came out really well.

Solid Ground wm

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